Blackline Safety Corp. is a publicly traded wireless location leader (TSX.V:BLN) that develops, manufactures and markets products and services for worker safety monitoring. All of our products are developed, manufactured and tested in our headquarter located in Calgary, Canada.

Our vision is to become the leading supplier of wireless connected lone worker safety monitoring products in the world. We offer the broadest and most complete portfolio in the industry. We are able to monitor personnel working alone in populated areas, indoors within complex facilities and employees operating in the most remote reaches of our planet.

With Blackline Safety Solutions, our customers can protect their personnel while lone workers can share the conditions of their environment and connect with emergency services when necessary.

● Loner M6
● Loner M6i
● Loner Bridge System
● Loner Mobile
● Loner Mobile w/Loner Duo
● Blackline-Safety-G7c
● Blackline-Safety-G7x
Blackline-Safety-G7 EXO
Blackline-Safety-G7 Dock