Protea Ltd delivers customer focused solutions for process, emission and environmental monitoring applications. From an in-depth knowledge of measurement technologies, through system integration and software optimisation, to complete turn-key systems; Protea provides the solution to process improvement and emissions control.

FTIR Analyzers:

● atmosFIR (Multi-Component FIIR)
● atmosFIR-CEM (Complete Emission Monitoring System)
● atmosFIRi (FTIR analyzer with in-built Sampling System)
● atmosFIRt (Portable FTIR analyzer)
● atmosFIRw (Wall-mounted for ambient air & Process Monitoring)
● atmosFIR-EX (Multigas FTIR Analyzer System in Zone 1 and Zone 2)

Tunable Laser Diode Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS):
● Solus (NH3 + H2O and HCI + H2O Analyzer)

In-Situ Infra-red (IR) Analyzer:
● Protea 2000 (In-Situ CEMS)

Process Analyzer:
Protea P300

UV Emission Analyzer:
Protea P5000