Bacharach is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and service of advanced equipment for the measurement and detection of gases. The company’s extensive product line includes instruments that detect, measure, and record combustion and environmental gases, temperature, relative humidity, air velocity, and other air quality and safety parameters. A full-line of refrigerant recovery equipment for residential, industrial, and automotive applications further extends Bacharach’s family of products.

Combustion Analyzers:
● Fyrite® InTech
● Fyrite® Insight Plus
● PCA 400
● ECA 450
● True-Spot Smoke Tester
● Draft Gauge

Indoor Air Quality:
● Monoxor Plus
Sling Psychrometer

Gas Leak Detectors:
● H-10 Pro
● H25-IR Pro
● Informant 2
● Leakator® 10
● Leakator® Jr
● Tru Pointe®
● Tru Pointe® 1100
● Tru Pointe® 2100
● Tru Pointe® IR
● Tru Pointe® Ultra

Fixed Gas Detectors:

● MGS-150
● MGS-250
● MGS-550
● MGD-100
Single Zone
● Multi Zone

A/C Maintenance Tools:
● CS100 Charging Scale
● QV2/QV5 Vacumn Pumps
● Gauges and Tools