Since 1961, General Monitors has dedicated itself to benefiting society through leading-edge combustible gas, toxic gas, and flame detection monitoring products of the highest quality that protect life and property. With over 50 sales representatives around the globe, we provide exceptional service and after-sales support. Combining advanced sensing technology with superior service, General Monitors is your total solution provider for fire and gas detection.

Flame Detection:
● FL500
● FL500-H2
● FL3110/FL3111
● FL3111HT
● FL3112
● FL4000H
● TL105
● Mount Hardware

Open-Path Detection:
● IR5500

Point Detection:
● IR400
● IR4000
● S5000
● IR700 Infrared CO2
● Catalytic Sensors and Accessories

Ultrasonic Gas Detection:
● GASSONIC 1701 Portable Test and Calibration Unit

Photoacoustic Gas Monitoring:
● PA4000

Fire & Gas Systems:
● HazardWatch Fire and Gas System
● Zero Two Series Gas & Flame Detection System
● MC600 Multi-Channel Controller