As the world expert in gas analysis, Servomex has established itself as the leading provider of reliable, accurate and stable gas measurement solutions to industries across the globe.

An acknowledged innovator in gas analysis technologies for more than 50 years, Servomex is the originator of, and world leader in, paramagnetic sensing technology and has an exceptional reputation in the development of zirconia, photometric, thick film and plasma technologies. The result is high-performance, cost-effective gas analysis, delivered through a portfolio of dependable products ranging from portable gas analysers to complex process solutions.

By combining global expertise with local support, Servomex delivers a complete package of product and service that ensures customers improve output quality, maintain plant and process safety, and meet legislative requirements.

And We Do It Best!

ServoTough (Hazardous Area):
● Oxy 1910
● OxyExact 2200
● SpectraScan 2400
● SpectraExact 2500
● FluegasExact 2700
Laser 3 Plus Combustion CO+CH4
Laser 3 Plus Combustion CO
Laser 3 Plus DeNOx Ammonia
Laser 3 Plus Combustion Oxygen

ServoPro (Safe Area):
● MultiExact 5400
● MonoExact
● MonoExact DF150E
● MonoExact DF310E
● 4100
● 4200/4210
● 4900
● NanoChrome
● Plasma
● Chroma
● Puregas

ServoFlex (Portable):
● Micro I.S. 5100
● Mini Food Pack 5200
● Mini MP 5200
● Mini HD 5200

Delta F:
● Delta F 745 SGMax